Google Fusion Table

For this assignment the aim was to create a map of Ireland with data obtained from 2011 Census Population broken down by Counties of Ireland.
This map was created by Google Fusion Tables. The following is the steps that I took to complete this assignment.
1. I opened an account with Google Fusion Tables it is a free to use.
2. I then downloaded Irish KMZ Datafile at address KMZ is a file format used to display geographic data in an earth browser, such as Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile.
3. I opened up Google Fusion Tables, then I clicked on create new table. In the import new table dialog box I chose file. Select then click next.
4. Click on Tools then change map, then Change Feature Styles, PolygonsFill Colour, choose a colour. Click on Buckets – choose 5. Then I clicked on Legends.
5. To publish or to export the map to a website, click Tools then Publish, copy the html code in the box.
6. Paste the html code into the website or blog’s html editing feature.
The file that was downloaded from the Central Statics Office is a table which consists of four columns headed County or City, Male, Female and Total Population. The file gives a breakdown of the total population of Ireland. The heat map shows the population by rank and each County has a different colour representing the different ranks.
How the Table Could be Developed
The map that I completed did not tell us a whole lot and no decisions could be made from the information obtained. However the table could be developed more with information broken down such as the following:-
• Age
• Occupation.
• Average Annual Pay per Household.
• Farm Holdings.
• Industry Employment.
With this extra information a lot more information could be gained and graphed or included into the Map. This extra information could tell what type of services or goods could be marketed in these different Counties, and where to best concentrate the marketing campaign.
Because Google Fusion Tables is free it is a very valuable tool to use, as graphs are relatively easy and with practice using Google Fusion Tables a lot of information can be broken down and presented really professionally.

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